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Famous Stories: Damon Runyon Theater

Jan 27, 2022

Hold em yale stillEpisode 13

"Hold 'Em Yale"
The Damon Runyon Theater
December 26, 1948

Opening Music: "Pocket Full of Miracles" by Frank Sinatra covering song from the movie of the same name.

Clip: William Frawley from Hold 'Em...

Jan 20, 2022

Sinatra Blaine Guys and DollsEpisode 12

"Pick The Winner"
The Damon Runyon Theater
December 19, 1948

Opening Music: "Have a Good Time" by Jay C. Flippen from the movie Million Dollar Ransom

Clip: Frank Sinatra from Guys...

Jan 13, 2022

butch minds the baby lobby card bwEpisode 9

"Butch Minds The Baby"
The Damon Runyon Theater
November 28, 1948

Opening Music: "80 Miles Outside of Atlanta" by Mitzi Gaynor from Bloodhounds of Broadway

Clip: Butch Minds The Baby from Screen...

Jan 6, 2022


Episode 8

"Princess O'Hara"
The Damon Runyon Theater
November 21, 1948

Opening Music: "Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat" by Sammy Davis Jr covering song from Guys and Dolls

Clip: Princess...