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Famous Stories: Damon Runyon Theater

Apr 28, 2022

damonrunyonTypeEpisode 22

The Damon Runyon Theater
February 27, 1949

Opening Music: "Having a Wonderful Wish" by Annette Warren (Lipsynced by Lucile Ball) from the movie Sorrowful Jones

Clip: 1934 Radio version of a newspaper...

Apr 21, 2022

Case ofEpisode 21

"A Piece of Pie"
The Damon Runyon Theater
February 20, 1949

Opening Music: "My Time of Day" by Robert Alda from the original Broadway cast recording of Guys and Dolls

Clip: 1945 Radio version of A Slight Case of...

Apr 14, 2022

94oneeyeEpisode 20

"The Hottest Guy In The World"
The Damon Runyon Theater
February 13, 1949

Opening Music: "I'm a Black Sheep Who's Blue" by Dorothy Dell from the movie Little Miss Marker

Clip: Episode of 1994 television...

Apr 7, 2022

Episode 19

"All Horse Players Die Broke"
The Damon Runyon Theater
February 6, 1949

Opening Music: "Fugue in Tinhorns" by Ethel Merman from the movie Guys and Dolls

Clip: Racing Lady...